Our yacht tour, which starts at 10:00 every morning from Kemer Marina, promises you a day where entertainment will be unlimited all day long.

You can participate in dance shows accompanied by DJ Performance, starting at the time of departure, and spend pleasant hours in all-day animation shows. We also did not forget our children. Our little ones can also enjoy the day with mini club and professional child animators.

You can throw yourself into the most beautiful waters of blue in Phaselis and Cleopatra bay where we take a break to rest. You will be very upset when the return time is around 17:00.


It is a fun, adrenaline and excitement day nature tour that anyone who has no health problem can try it at least once in a lifetime.

Thanks to rafting, you can leave yourself to the waters of cool ice like cool ice, flowing in the middle of a lush natural canyon in the sweltering days in the Mediterranean beaches when the temperature reaches 50 degrees in the summer, and rest and renew your soul.


You can reach the port of Çayağzı, which is the starting point of the tour, with the unique Mediterranean view from the coastal road. You will have the opportunity to watch the ancient sunken city from the boat with a 2-hour journey by boarding the wooden boats specific to the region. Reviews

You will find that all parts of the sunken city are full of ancient ruins. During the tour, it is possible to see the sunken shops on the right side and the ruins of the sunken city on the left side. When the weather and the sea are suitable for swimming, a swimming break is given. After the boat tour, Myra Ancient City and Santa Claus Church will be our next stop.

The Ancient City of Myra, located in the district of Demre, is especially famous for the Lycian period Rock Tombs and the Roman Period Theater.


The unique sea and nature view at the top of Tahtalı mountain is in front of you in minutes with Tahtalı Cable Car. While sipping your drink from the summit, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the holiday region and the sea.

The second longest cable car in the world, the longest in Europe, connects the Mediterranean and the summit of Tahtalı Mountain with a height of 2365 meters. This imposing mountain, whose summit is covered with snow, is a rapidly growing and popular tourist destination in Kemer, Antalya. OlymposTeleferik, the technology and engineering wonder that everyone who comes to Antalya for business or tourism purposes must see, will be an ideal and unforgettable choice for daily visits.

In addition to the unique view of the Mediterranean Region, the sea and the mountain are very close to each other thanks to the Tahtalı Cable Car. Tahtalı Teleferik promises you high quality entertainment and excitement. The 7.5 km long climbing national park is an excellent opportunity to watch the exquisite view of the pine forests. Enjoy safe travel with high quality safety standards.